Sports Links
Welcome to our rebuilt page of links to other web sites.

The links are set up for local links just below and then by seasonal sports below that.

The local links have the official sites for the local teams and their conferences. The college baseball site is great for more in-depth coverage of the local college teams. The Aztectalk boards are by far the best place to talk about San Diego State sports.

The other sites are set up for college basketball and baseball — with college ball on top. Yahoo! has redesigned its sports area, for the worse, in our humble opinion. We’ll continue to link to them for news but the scoreboard has deteriorated. If you’re only a casual hoops fan, the RPI is a major factor in selecting teams for the NCAA Tournament.

Baseball America is the bible of the amateur and minor league game, though the official Minor League Baseball site is giving it a run for its money. The BA player finder is a great way to check on how you son or friend is doing in minor league ball. Beware that much of the BA material is by membership. The CBS Sportsline baseball rumor mill is the best of its kind that we found.

If there’s other sites you like, let us know!

If you have other sites and want to recommend to us, also let us know.

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